Top 10 Kid Venues in McKinney

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means, right?

“Mom, I’m bored!” “Mom, what can I do?” “Mom! Mom! Mom”.

Are we ready for all that fun??

I did a very formal survey (ok, I actually polled my kids and nephews) to come up with our top 10 list of fun things to do in McKinney this summer. And, P.S., most of these won’t break the bank!

1. Erwin Park

With over 200 acres of outdoor space, Erwin Park is the perfect spot to go for a picnic, a hike, or even an overnight camping trip. I’ll be honest, camping is not my favorite! With three little boys, though, I have to go at least once or twice a year. And if I have to go, what’s better than a campground right in town?! Camping, check! Home to my own coffee and shower in the morning, check, check! And the best part? Camp sites are only $12 for McKinney residents!

2. Gabe Nesbitt Skatepark

This skatepark was chosen by my 10 year old nephew – he loves this place! It’s a win in my book too because the littler kids can bring their scooters and there is a shaded area for the parents to hang out.

3. Hat Creek Burger Company

Need a bite to eat? Our favorite restaurant these days is Hat Creek. They serve up fresh burgers and have a great play area for the kids. My advise – this summer, when temps are over 100, grab your friends and meet for a breakfast play date. They open at 7 AM!

4. Walls of Clay

Located in historic downtown McKinney, Walls of Clay is a drop-in paint your own pottery place. When our boys were babies, we’d come here to make adorable serving trays with their hand prints on them. Now we bring them in to paint their own pottery. After the mess they made painting at home yesterday (that’s the picture I should have posted – paint literally everywhere!) we’ll be sticking with Walls of Clay moving forward!!!

5. Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

With nearly 300 acres of wildlife sanctuary and natural science museum, the Heard Museum is the perfect spot to get some energy out while learning about Texas plants and wildlife!

6. UrbanAir Trampoline Park

Full disclosure – the kids picked Urban Air not me . Y’all – it’s crazy and loud.
But since I listed it, here are the few things that I like about it –
1. It will wear your kids out.
2. It’s a great place to get out of the crazy Texas summer heat.
3. It sells wine and beer for the parents, end of story.

7. Goodies Texas Chocolate Shop

I LOVE historic downtown McKinney. I could write an entire feature on my favorite shops and restaurants in the square (and I will, soon!) But for today – a trip to McKinney is never complete without getting our chocolate fix from Goodies! The kids love picking out their favorite pieces of chocolate from behind the glass display case!

8. Obstacle Warrior Kids

This is my favorite indoor play area in McKinney! It’s bright & clean, it has a large sitting area for the parents to hang out (and take a few minutes to return text/emails!), and it is staffed with really nice teenagers that move along with the kids, helping them through all of the obstacles.

9. Apex Centre

Both a fitness center and an aquatic center, the Apex is everything your family needs this summer! McKinney residents can get a family membership at a rate that can’t be beat. The Apex will be my main game plan for summer survival. I plan on getting a workout in while the kids hang out in childcare, then meeting friends for a swim date at the outdoor water area!

10. Stonebridge Ranch Beach Club

Ok, this one is only for residents of Stonebridge Ranch. But since it seems like most of McKinney is in Stonebridge Ranch (and this is one of my most favorite things to do in McKinney) I went ahead and put it on the list! Build a sand castle, rent a paddle boat, host a birthday party – this is the place! We always kick off our summer break by meeting up with school friends the day after school lets out.