Top Home Design Trends in 2019

But do we care??

Every year there are new styles and trends in home design.  Do we like dark kitchen cabinets or hate dark kitchen cabinets??  Is wallpaper so out of style or all the rage?  White walls or painted walls?  I don’t know – let me see what Pinterest is telling me to like today 😉

I love home design, and I love following the trends.  And I will actually share the newest home trends in this post, but here’s my disclaimer: a beautiful home is filled with pieces purchased over a lifetime – treasures picked up on a favorite vacation or from a flea market.  A dining room set handed down from grandma or a painting done by a friend.  While it’s tempting to have your home décor done the second you move in, and accomplishing this with several buying sprees at HomeGoods, slow down and enjoy the process!  When you add something to your home, it should bring you joy or provide a function.  If it doesn’t, just leave that wall or end table empty for now!  A lovingly curated home will stand the style test of time.

Ok, let’s talk trends in kitchens.  Just when you’ve finally talked your spouse into letting you remodel the kitchen in an all-white color palate with subway tiles and quartz countertops, that look is on it’s way out.  Color is making a come back in the kitchen!  I love color, so I am really excited to see this trend returning.  Think painted concrete tiles for a backsplash, or a turquoise tile that runs all the way up to your ceiling.  We’re also seeing darker countertops or painted cabinets.  And an open, cabinet free wall is a must.  Use some free-floating shelves to display some funky dishes you found at the flea market!  Lastly – mix your metals!!!  Don’t be afraid of using a bronze faucet and gold drawer pulls!

In living rooms, we are seeing a real nod towards the whole boho vibe.  Again, I am loving this trend!! What we’re talking here is a more eclectic, collected look.  Just what I was preaching above!  Grab a mid-century modern cabinet to set your TV on or a fun art deco lamp.  And matching furniture is BORING!!!  Don’t buy the sofa, loveseat and end tables straight out of the Restoration Hardware catalog. Mix it up and have fun with it!  While we are seeing color come back in 2019, designers are liking an 80/20 ratio of neutral to color.  So, get your bright pops of color with your art and pillows.

Speaking of color, the Pantone color of 2019 is Living Coral.  We’re seeing fewer grey tones and more feminine colors throughout the home.  Blush pink and dusty rose are also big right now.  If you love color as much as I do, maybe consider wallpapering a powder bath in a bright floral print!  And, believe it or not, you can hang art and photos over a busy wallpaper!

Back to boho (seriously, my love language and all-time favorite style in the home and in fashion)…  Nature is coming indoors with petrified wood tables and beaded chandeliers.  Bring in some plants, but no more succulents.  The design experts are saying succulents are out and this makes me giggle.  I love succulents, and won’t be throwing mine out any time soon.  Here’s what else the experts are telling us to ditch – Ikat or trellis patterns, signs with messages like “live, love, dream,” and woven wall art.  Okay, okay…  Ikat is out of style??  This makes me so sad.  But since I love my Ikat rug and it has lots of coral in it (2019 Pantone color!!! ) I think I’ll keep it.